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Spacedrum 19

Spacedrum 19

The 19’’ Spacedrum is the smallest of the family. It goes with 6 notes.

Its 6 notes are displayed on an airy surface which allows to play with easy scales in medium and low registers.

With its small diameter and its profiled shape, the 6 notes Spacedrum is light, very easy to handle and its egonomic is studied for most of the people, including children.

It’s the perfect instrument for the Globe-Trotters and beginners musicians, it will also be perfect for musical awakening and musico-therapy.

We wish to propose a model easy to play and more affordable than its big brothers.

You can play alone or with other people, on your lap or on a stand, and even reverse it to enjoy the "Udu's like sounds".
The Spacedrum can be rubbed with your hands, beaten with special sticks or just with your fingers. A complete freedom is offered to you in terms of technical game.

Technical settings:
Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 48 cm (19”)
Height of top (dome): 10 cm (4")
Height of bottom: 6 cm (2,4")
Weight: 3,3 Kg
Number of notes: 6
Damper: removable rubbed profile (for less overtones)
Treatment: thermical + wax

Number of notes: 6

Note: the dome and bottom sizes can vary a little bit as each instrument is hand-made, so unique.

icone pdf [Download the technical support]
  Ranges :
Schéma :<p>Bb major Pentatonic Bb3 C4 D4 F4 G4</p>

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